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The double complete rainbow

Just saw yesterday while roaming around the city, a complete rainbow, the kind that have its both ends touch the ground, a sight I haven’t seen for almost 3 years.  Maybe because Cebu’s atmosphere is too dense to generate at least a two-colored rainbow, what it can generate though is a gray rainbow of pollution!

The sight is relaxing in a way, especially that we discovered that it is actually a double rainbow! The outer bow isn’t complete though. Unfortunately I haven’t captured both in a cam, I don’t have my dslr yet, and a compact cam wouldn’t be able to capture it anyway, I think, since it is too distant.

Well, that’s all, I just felt that I have to write it down so that the next time I saw another one in the future, I’d remember this day, the day that reminded me that to see life wonderfully, see the rainbow with its colors, you simply need to be in the right perspective, otherwise, your line of sight will only lead you to the gloomy clouds beyond, the dark skies rumbling in the distant..


First Vacation Leave

After finally getting a real wonderful job, I got my first vacation leave! Now here I am, saving my progress in my Home, GTA style, before I venture out again after my vacation leave expires.

Actually, this post wasn’t meant to be posted in the first place since I have undergone a vow before taking this trip back home, to stay away from all electronics. But what can I do? Computers everywhere, and some personal project that I have to finish!

Anyway, life is great back home, unlimited food and living like a prince! I forgot to mention a new addition to the family, a Mayna bird! Great, and now we’re sticking an FM radio beside him so that he’ll to be a rapper someday. Alright, time to check on Skype and the bunch of emails, see you!

Playing the Piano Once More

It’s been such a long time already that I had a serious play with my piano. Well technically it’s an electric organ that is configured as a piano.

The feeling was soothing, to become the pianist that I was.. again. The melody of the songs that I enjoyed playing, it’s always ringing in my ears that piano sheets weren’t even needed, with the exceptions of the new songs of course. I’m back, and I’ll keep on playing, practicing, improving, enhancing, and discovering new cool piano pieces, and this time, it will be for good.

In the near future, when I become better at playing the piano, then I will buy myself a grand piano, and maybe, I’ll invite you to hear me play it with your favorite songs ^^. ♫

School is cool, but I’m done with it, temporarily I guess.

Now I belong to the working class, but along with it comes the many necessary changes. I have to live on my own now, well not really lonely, but alone in a room, takes breakfasts alone, but not the lunch and dinners. I have moved to a different place and must adjust to it, and learn to love and enjoy it( the neighbors ;)) ).

Anyway, the now busy schedule that I have will not stop me from venturing out into the vast resources of the internet, at least I’m pumped up, I can have a great jump start and let the cash flow in! ;))

We’ll see..

I Had a Dream

Life was simple back then. It always starts for me at our suburban house when the loud barks of our little dog wake me up. Every time, I’d check on that little egg on that little sparrow nest neatly placed outside the window of my room. When there’s no class and there’s nothing to do, I’d simply watch the clouds as it crawls across the untainted sky, cool wind breezes through, causing the distant bamboos to sway with that nostalgic cracking sound. Moments later, the neighbours would play an 80’s song, so vintage yet so calm and relaxing. The usual routine when living in a semi-rural area of a small city.

But I must move on, I have to go to college. I finally entered one, a rather prestigious school with an arguably difficult and prestigious course. Life was good for me, fast paced, exciting, and dreamy. Although this wasn’t the case until I met a very wonderful girl who really changed my life. I began believing in myself, that everything’s actually within my reach if only I persevere to obtain it. I even managed to be on the dean’s list, at least. Since meeting her, my mind had become focused on a very long term goal. Everything’s so clear. It’s as if a blueprint was already laid out for me, I only have to make it come true. I believed everything’s going to be good for us. The path is well lit, or so I thought.

It will be an understatement to say that my world revolves around her. She is my world! Sure, we’d come into fights, who doesn’t? Sometimes, there are things we just couldn’t just easily resolve. But these things just made us stronger. We go to different places, do many things, all while enjoying each other’s company. I don’t even have time to do what I used to enjoy before I met her, since being with her was the most fulfilling for me. I couldn’t miss a moment away from her, I couldn’t even stand not to have a glimpse of her once in a while, not that I was afraid she will disappear, but the sight of her just always made me realize the extent of God’s greatness.

Time really flew fast. 22 months seemed too short for me. So fast that it actually left me, I was caught off guard, I wasn’t prepared, and I was confused what was going on. Before I realized it, it’s over. I cannot even remember well how it ended.

This is probably how every wonderful dream should end. You are not supposed to know that it’s near and abrupt. Literally, when thinking about it right now, I really have difficulty telling myself that it was not a dream. Even the whole half a decade away from home seemed like a very big dream for me that has just ended.

Now I’m back again, fully awake. Trying to remember the good things, memorable things that happened in that ‘dream’, because it’s very faint and confusing that it hurts. You know, the feeling where you really wanted to remember something you know that can really make you happy, but you can’t. So here, I’m awaking again to the barks of our dog. While writing this, I am actually staring straight into the blue sky again. Wondering how the clouds kept on moving, or was it the clouds that are moving or the earth simply rotates too much that the clouds get left behind? The same set of 80’s song is being played again, and I wonder when the next rain’s coming so I can drown my thoughts. Needless to say, I’m back to my ‘home’. The only certain thing now is that whatever that ‘dream’ was, I very big part of me was lost with it.

I’m afraid that in my next sleep, I wouldn’t be able to have a dream like I did.

By self studying 3d modelling without formal education about it, I managed to improve my works through time. Had it not for my passion, dedication, discipline, family and friends, I would not have the inspiration to continue.

Please vote for me in this site!

Thanks all. 🙂

28 Days Later

No, this isn’t some sort of a freak movie of zombies overrunning the city. 28 days later rather is the day we will be probably turned into zombies ourselves!! Actually, 28 days later is our thesis project checking, that’s even more scarier!

You’d be wondering I’ve still got the time to post in here. Well, this is just one of my resting times that I badly needed after hours and hours of coding. It’s probably already a common practice. When  you’re not in the zone, don’t code, or you will just produce garbage output. But still, I’ve got to be ‘in the zone’ frequently or else, shattered dreams and broken hearts! Anyway, let’s hope our client or stakeholders cooperate well with us.

Now to see the brighter side of things, what if we do succeed on the project checking, and eventually pass the course! Then all my plans will start to unfold. Yes, I’ve already made a list of things to do ‘right after’ the thesis is done. The top list:

1.) Subscribe to a webhosting company. Webfaction or Hostgator?

2.) Start building my portfolio of websites by, well, making websites on the above’s choice. What those websites will be and how they are run is top secret, you know, trade secret. 😀

3.) Start marketing those websites using SEO techniques I’ve learned throughout my freelancing time! What those techniques are are also trade secret! 😀

4.) Advance my knowledge in the web development world and start focusing on one or two specific language and framework(s). This is what we call, personal branding. This way, I can then raise my price.

5.) Collect certifications! YEY!

6.) Do what I do best. Make 3d models and sell them online!

7.) This is rather less priority. Make video games using known GDKs such as Unreal Dev Kit.


This is just the start of everything, the foundation of a software giant hahahahha.

But as of now, I’ll just have to study hard or harder, and make sure our thesis makes it in time, as well as everything else. I’ll be back then.. 🙂

Thesis Proposal Accepted!

Wow, at last. After all those long hardwork, all those sleepless nights spent instead into polishing up our documents and our knowledge about the topic at hand. All those non-stop argue and mock questions just to toughen up our skills and our know-how about the system, so that we’d be ready with the ‘defense’.

After many many days of preparation and strategy layouting, we came up with a 105 page document. This is as good as it can get, we’d put everything to it.

And now, the proposal defense was a success! Almost every question and inquiry was already covered in our document, and it almost seems like there’s nothing else to discuss, as it’s all there, and also our wonderful presentation, thanks to our adviser Engr. Aaron Maderazo who taught us to present as if we’re presenting to consumers or investors, rather than do a lecture and bore them all.

All hardwork we’re repaid! After all the minor revisions area accomplished, we can push through the implementation. This is where it will really start…

Lost Hope

You’re just making fun to what I say, you do not even pay close attention. Do I still have to expect something? Or you have already planned for everything, that there will just be a dead end..

Soothing Music

Music is a way of expressing feelings. They convey the composer’s thoughts, changes the ambience of the room, guides the mind into a specific state of thinking. Today, I experienced it once again, after about 1 or 2 years.

I’ve been searching the net for free music streaming for linkinpark. Logged in to IMEEM, but all their music are all previews, no full versions. I understand, copyright. I continued searching for other songs because maybe I’ll find interesting ones. Then I started searching with the keyword “piano version”, the usual keyword I use when searching for music since I am a fan of instrumental music, especially piano since I play piano myself.

Finally found interesting music. From final fantasy series piano instrumental music, “Eyes on Me”, “Tifa’s Theme”, and so on, and then Rurouni Kenshin musical pieces, most are orchestrated while some are piano. Listened to “Departure”, and “Her Most Beautiful Smile”, the song I’ve searched for so long, finally found it. It’s the theme music in the episodes where Kenshin Himura of Samurai X was blinded by Amakusa’s Sword. The ‘her’ in “her beautiful smile” maybe refer to Lady Magdalia, the child sword prodigy Shogou Amakusa’s sister. This is a very great musical piece, it soothes me.

Searched through google for piano sheets of these amazing pieces, finally found some at After 1 or 2 years, I finally get to have my hands on my keyboards again, piano keyboards. Although I am already rusty, I just need some hand exercises to regain my skills, thanks to my parents who sent me to piano school at an early age. They also sent me to a guitar school. I also do drums and flute but have not formal training, just self taught.  Playing the piano  is one of the nicest thing to do, or listening to piano music soothes the soul.

Have a piece of music too, have a good day to all.